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Know Everything about the Policy of Southwest Airlines Cancellation

Canceling your flight never brings fun. Most of the airlines out there charge hefty cancelation and change fees while offering little-to-no refund for the canceled flight.

Thankfully, Southwest Airlines, the most loved airline by the passengers, especially for domestic and Caribbean journeys doesn’t even charge any cancellation or change fees! Yes, you just read that right. No fees!

There is no trick as far as you understand about this process. Usually, if you cancel any flight that you pre- paid cash for, then you will easily get all your money back in a credit. Southwest calls it a travel fund. If you had paid for your flight ticket spending Rapid Rewards points, then you will get a full refund of your points.

The Policy of Southwest Airlines Cancellation: Flights Paid With Points or Cash

Southwest does lots of things right. No baggage fee, a conveniently usable frequent flyer program, excellent customer service and NO cancellation or change fees. The policy of Southwest Airlines Cancellation is one of the best in the aviation industry. Although it is generous, it varies just a little bit by the kind of ticket that you purchase.

Wanna Get Away Tickets

‘Wanna Get Away tickets’ are the flight tickets of lowest price that Southwest Airlines offers, and probably what most of the customers reserve for their personal travel. These flight tickets have slightly more strict rules about Southwest Airlines Cancellation than Anytime fares or Business Select, but it is still a very generous policy.

If you want to cancel a ‘Wanna Get Away fare’ that you bought with cash, i.e., via credit card, the whole purchase cost will get saved as re-usable travel funds for further use.

You can cancel your fare all the way up to ten minutes prior to your flight. The travel funds must get used within one year of the date of purchase of the ticket. Yet, if you call Southwest Airlines directly, they will frequently reinstate the expired travel funds for some fee.

If you want to cancel a ‘Wanna Get Away ticket’ that you bought with the points of Rapid Rewards, you will get all your points back again in your Southwest account. Any taxes connected with the fare will be treated as re-usable travel funds.

If you don’t want to cancel your ‘Wanna Get Away fare’ within ten minutes of flight departure and are not showing, you won’t receive any kind of refund.

Business Select, Anytime and Senior Tickets

Both Business Select and Anytime fares offer a much generous Southwest Airlines Cancellation policy than that of Wanna Get Away fares, but these fares are costlier. Senior fares also fall under the same policy of lax cancellation.

If you wish to cancel a Anytime, Business Select, or Senior fare, 100% of your total purchase price will get refunded to your original mode of payment. This applies to cash as well as Rapid Rewards points’ fares.

If you’re a no-show for a Anytime, Business Select, or Senior ticket (which means you didn’t cancel the ticket at least before 10 minutes from take off), the purchase cost of your ticket will get converted to travel funds, that can also be used for the another flight (within the interval of 12 months from the original date of purchase). If you’d used Rapid Rewards points, then all points will get re-deposited into your account.

If you make some changes to an existing flight, then this makes the fare non-refundable. If you’re required to make an extra change or cancellation, then your purchase cost will get held as re-usable travel funds despite of being refunded. It is the best to cancel your actual flight and rebook a new one for maintaining the fully refundable status of the ticket.

What are the Steps to Southwest Airlines Cancellation of Flights?

  1. After you’ve logged in to your account, first click on ‘My Account’ that you’ll find in the top right-side corner.
  2.  In the center of the next screen, you’ll see all your upcoming flights. Select the flight that you wish to cancel and then click on ‘Cancel Flight’.
  3. After that, you’ll be able to confirm that flight you’re canceling and choose how you wish your refund. If your fare was completely refundable, you’ll have the choices of requesting a refund or keeping as a travel fund for further use. If the fare was non-refundable (‘Wanna Get Away fares’), you’ll be able to get travel funds for the future use.
  4. Click on the yellow colored ‘Cancel Flight’ button at the   below of the screen to get completed with the Southwest Airlines Cancellation.

This concludes our indispensible briefing on Southwest Airlines Cancellation, refund and its components. For more information, call us on our toll-free number right away!


Southwest Airlines not only lets you cancel or change a ticket within 24 hours without penalty, but it also permits you to cancel or change a reservation any time prior to the flight departure and get your money return for the full amount of your ticket. It is applicable to the future travel as well within a full year of your original reservation.


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